Our Investment Philosophy

Our approach to investment management is based on Modern Portfolio Theory and founded on Nobel Prize-winning academic research. We’re one of a very select number of firms who operate this way.

The way we handle your investments sees us avoid the common pitfalls which threaten wealth: picking stocks, chasing fund managers, high charges and trying to “beat” the market.

It is the policy of NBS FP to place its reputation only on factors within its control. NBS FP can’t control the markets, but it can control the price paid to invest. Every pound that the client pays in costs and charges comes directly out of their potential return.

We base our decisions on empirical evidence and build robust, diversified portfolios that are balanced across different investment classes, reflecting the lowest risk needed to meet the return we know you need to reach your goals.

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''We both feel liberated!''

The Griffiths

''I now much more confident that I have more than enough to not have to worry any more!''

Mr Robinson

''We are confident that we can enjoy life a bit more and still provide for the family.''

S & C Cave

''Reassuring advice given to us in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.''

Mr & Mrs Donnelly

''I was treated with great respect and was not pressured into doing anything.''

Mrs Mowthorpe

''NBS enabled us to not only create a vision of the future, but to actually put it into practice. Our finances now have a purpose and are being put to good use in helping us fulfil our dreams.''


D Fox


''NBS actually listened to us! I now feel excited that we've got dreams to realise and the funds to do it.''

M Brockman

''You consolidated a lot of disjointed thoughts about our future. We now have peace of mind and a much better idea of life after retirement.''

Mr & Mrs Bolan

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