What's the Cost?

Advice costs:

As independent adviser we work soley for you and take no commissions from third parties. We have always provided advice on a fee-only basis and our clients tell us they prefer this, as it’s a transparent and understandable investment in them and their future. Our service is designed for those who wish to maximize the value from their lives and finances and understand that good advice is worth paying for. We offer a no obligation initial meeting at our cost to allow you the opportunity to see the value we add and the costs we save, including an indication of the cost of our advice for your personal situation, all this delivered to you before you decide to proceed.

Investment costs:

You can’t control the markets, but you can control what you pay to invest in them, and what you pay can make an enormous difference over time. Investment costs create a gap between what the markets return and what you actually earn, so keeping investment costs down helps to narrow that gap. At NBS Financial Planning our investment committee works hard to keep your investment costs low and we’re confident we can reduce these costs for most people, this helps to ensure that what you spend on financial planning is actually adding value to you personally.

We understand that keeping costs low is important, as low costs keep more of your money working for you. However, we tend to find that most people have been paying considerably more for financial planning than they need to (and not actually getting much from it!). As a result, for most of our clients, we reduce the overall cost of financial planning whilst still adding the significant value and life-changing results gained from the service we provide. When we deliver a financial plan that is based upon your values and gets you to where you want to be, the benefits of paying for expert advice become clear.

''We both feel liberated!''

The Griffiths

''I now much more confident that I have more than enough to not have to worry any more!''

Mr Robinson

''We are confident that we can enjoy life a bit more and still provide for the family.''

S & C Cave

''Reassuring advice given to us in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.''

Mr & Mrs Donnelly

''I was treated with great respect and was not pressured into doing anything.''

Mrs Mowthorpe

''NBS enabled us to not only create a vision of the future, but to actually put it into practice. Our finances now have a purpose and are being put to good use in helping us fulfil our dreams.''


D Fox


''NBS actually listened to us! I now feel excited that we've got dreams to realise and the funds to do it.''

M Brockman

''You consolidated a lot of disjointed thoughts about our future. We now have peace of mind and a much better idea of life after retirement.''

Mr & Mrs Bolan

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