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Initial, No Obligation Consultation

The first consultation is an opportunity to get to know each other better. We’ll listen as you talk us through your current situation, your challenges, and your worries. We’ll discuss your dream life, asking questions to help you reflect upon your goals and aspirations.

You’ll find out more about us, receiving answers to any questions you have. The first meeting is free– so why not take an hour out of your day to find out more?

Discovery Meeting

You’ll spend even more time talking about your dream life, building upon the progress you made during the initial consultation. With our help, you’ll define some clear goals and targets, which will form the basis of the financial plan itself

Analysis and Discovery Phase

Once you’ve set some clear goals and targets, we’ll go away and put the plan into place. This involves an in-depth analysis of your current situation, as well as the appropriate products available on the market.

We’ll develop your financial plan, including a detailed financial map of your future. You’ll get a clear timeline, taking into account each of the goals and targets you set during the discovery meeting.

The Presentation of Your Financial Plan

We present you with your financial plan.You’ll find out what everything means, including the recommendations, key decisions, and anything you need to take away from the meeting.

You’ll see your financial map, which will demonstrate when you’ll be able to achieve your goals, and how each of them will impact your long-term finances.

Your questions will be answered, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your financial situation. You’ll leave the meeting with a clear sense of direction and renewed enthusiasm for your future hopes and ambitions!


Once you’re happy with your new financial plan, the real fun begins! We’ll implement the necessary changes to start making your dreams a reality.

Tracking Progress

We’ll get together at least once a year. During these meetings, we’ll analyse your financial situation, explaining everything in real terms. Everything will relate back to your goals and targets, so you’ll know exactly when you’ll be able to accomplish them. Following these reviews, we’ll implement any required changes to ensure the consistent performance of your finances, keeping you in control.

''We both feel liberated!''

The Griffiths

''I now much more confident that I have more than enough to not have to worry any more!''

Mr Robinson

''We are confident that we can enjoy life a bit more and still provide for the family.''

S & C Cave

''Reassuring advice given to us in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.''

Mr & Mrs Donnelly

''I was treated with great respect and was not pressured into doing anything.''

Mrs Mowthorpe

''NBS enabled us to not only create a vision of the future, but to actually put it into practice. Our finances now have a purpose and are being put to good use in helping us fulfil our dreams.''


D Fox


''NBS actually listened to us! I now feel excited that we've got dreams to realise and the funds to do it.''

M Brockman

''You consolidated a lot of disjointed thoughts about our future. We now have peace of mind and a much better idea of life after retirement.''

Mr & Mrs Bolan

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