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NBS Financial Planning provide informed and friendly retirement and pensions advice from our office in Morley.

A high proportion of people coming to see us are within 5-10 years of retirement, or at least are initially thinking retirement will be 5-10 years way. We understand that not everyone thinks of “retirement” in the same way. Many people still want to work or contribute to the world, paid or otherwise, and our role is to show you how you can make that transition from a regular known income to what may feel like a less financially certain future with confidence and clarity, sooner than you probably thought possible.

We understand that starting to spend what you have accumulated while no longer topping up your resources can be a little daunting, and our process will help you to clearly understand and visualise your financial future, to give your decisions meaning and help you make the best of what you have worked hard to achieve. The result of our support is the peace of mind and confidence to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, knowing that you will always have enough.

If you’re further away from retirement, even better! You’ve even more time to put our advice into practice and reap the benefits.

Using an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is acknowledged as the most successful way to obtain Pensions Advice for Individuals and Businesses, because the advice provided is unbiased and tailored to you.  This, together with what our existing clients describe as a “liberating experience”, ensures that your objectives are met.

One of the benefits of the services provided by us as an IFA is the sense of relief achieved through the quality of the advice. This website certainly gives a flavour of the services offered by NBS but tailored pensions advice cannot be obtained from just a website but by personal discussion, so please contact us in Morley, Leeds today on 0113 2525737 or use the contact pages on this website.

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