A survey by Barings Asset Management has revealed that 44% of non-retired people aged 55 – 64 have no idea when they will be able to afford to retire.

A staggering one third of adults will rely solely on the state pension, and what with the state pension age moving further and further out, there will be a long wait for many. Even worse some are relying on winning the National Lottery jackpot!

Just 4 years ago EVERYONE asked by Barings was confident that they could retire, so what has caused the growing uncertainty? The state of the economy or the continued mistrust of the financial services industry certainly doesn’t help but just maybe the message about not being prepared for retirement is finally getting through?

If it is, hopefully the next step will be to take ACTION.

Take some time to look at your affairs and find out exactly what retirement looks like for you – whether it looks good or bad, you can do something about it.

Make tomorrow happen today.